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Out of State Consultations

Over the time I've been a designer, clients have asked how they can “take me with them” to vacation homes, or when they move out of state. Other clients have found me via Houzz or Facebook and live across the country, but want me to help them with the interior design of their homes.

In almost all cases, these clients are able to order furnishings directly through me. I research and partner with a receiving and moving company located close to my client's home. I have all my furniture and accessories shipped to this partner and held until it's time for the delivery.  I can often arrange to be on the delivery, helping to set everything up, much as I would for clients here in Ohio. 

In some cases, clients would prefer I do all the selecting, but want to buy local to their homes. In those cases, I have created a program called the Consultation-only “Home Away” Design Process. This allows my clients to still have the benefit of my expertise, even when I can’t be on location!

Call or email me today to find out more about my full-service and consultation-only "Home Away" Design Processes. 

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