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Here is a sampling of of some projects I've done. To see before photos, ask to browse my portfolio at our first appointment.

sitting family 03 (7).JPG

Great Room

Chic and Sophisticated


Sit and chat while you grab a bite to eat

diningrooms02 (3) - Copy.JPG
bedrooms01 (4).JPG

Master Bedroom

Calming and Tranquil

Hearth Room

Cozy and Welcoming

sitting family 03 (8).JPG


Bright and Blingy

Dining Room

Elegant and Modern


Lower Level

Fun for entertaining!

Master Bedroom

Time to relax

bedrooms01 (3).JPG
diningrooms02 (6).JPG

Dining Room

Delicious and Dramatic

Breakfast Bar

Let's eat!

diningrooms02 (1).JPG

Are you ready for a change? I’m happy to provide you with any information you need. Message or call me to book a consultation and start your transformation today!

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